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Apple’s September News in a Giant Nutshell

A couple of friends have posted on my wall asking me to comment on yesterday’s Apple announcements. I guess I’ve set myself up as the guy for such tasks, so here goes… I’m going to go in the same order … Continue reading

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Ken Discovers “Bad Lip Reading” a Few Weeks After Everyone Else

Sometimes I see something referenced all over, but my go-go, fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t afford me the leisure of finding out what it’s all about. Take “Bad Lip Reading.” I’ve seen links to this all over, but only now, on a … Continue reading

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Star Trek at 45

I think I’m legally required as a nerd born in the latter half of the 20th century to write a little something about Star Trek today, the 45th anniversary of its premiere. I was probably 10 when I first discovered Star … Continue reading

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To EBE or not to EBE, that is the question

(Illustrated with pictures of aliens to keep the text from seeming too dry…) Even using incredibly conservative input values, the Drake Equation tells us there should be at least 100 other sentient species out there in our galaxy alone. But … Continue reading

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Went to a great party over the weekend where I got to talk to a woman studying the differences between black holes in galactic centers and ones created from collapsing stars, a guy who is helping to build the world’s … Continue reading

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Wind in General

(Click any image to embiggen…) As I write this in my hotel room in Oklahoma City… I have entered a section of the country where, when the news is about the weather, it’s serious. No “We have live team coverage … Continue reading

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Apple Turns 30

Sometimes I forget how bound up my entire adult life has been with this one company. With one exception, every company I’ve worked for as an adult has either been Apple, or had a direct connection to Apple. On several … Continue reading

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From the Superior Court Jury Room

So I get home from the BBQ last night and check the automated jury duty number. For the last 4 days, I’ve been on duty, but each night when I called, it said I didn’t have to show up the … Continue reading

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