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Star Trek at 45

I think I’m legally required as a nerd born in the latter half of the 20th century to write a little something about Star Trek today, the 45th anniversary of its premiere. I was probably 10¬†when I first discovered Star … Continue reading

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To EBE or not to EBE, that is the question

(Illustrated with pictures of aliens to keep the text from seeming too dry…) Even using incredibly conservative input values, the Drake Equation tells us there should be at least 100 other sentient species out there in our galaxy alone. But … Continue reading

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And Then This Happened…

Spock leaving the original Star Trek timeline has had some unforeseen consequences…

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Curb your Trekthusiasm

A deleted scene from the movie… EMBED-Diora Bairds Deleted Star Trek Scene – Watch more free videos

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Seeing Jesus

Jesus (formerly known as Mithra, also by the alias Apollo) has been very busy lately. Has he been answering prayers for peace, or an end to suffering, or for a loved one to make a miraculous recovery? No. He’s been … Continue reading

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