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Children of the Bomb

Originally written 8/6/2005, updated 2015… Seventy¬†years ago today, over 80,000 people died in a matter of minutes as an atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima, Japan. Many tens-of-thousands more would die in the months and years after the bomb due to … Continue reading

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Bad Super Yummy Racist

Koyaanisqatsi: “a state¬†of life that calls for another way of living…”     The next-gen rover Curiosity is almost to Mars. Along with a slew of new engineering and technology, JPL has decided to upgrade their production values (and editor!) … Continue reading

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Air and Space Museum, Part 3 – WW2

I’m going to write a little bit about a period of history that saw astounding technological leaps accompanied by the worst atrocities ever committed by Humanity: World War II (through the lens of my visits to the Smithsonian Air and … Continue reading

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News from Late August

Klaus Wowereit, the mayor of Berlin, has been criticized for sending an official welcome message to the city’s annual S&M festival. Members of the mayor’s own party said the welcome was inappropriate. The mayor apologized, saying he had been a … Continue reading

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