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Do You Want an iPhone 6? Maybe. How About a 5s?

So the brand-spankin’-new iPhone 6 and 6+ are out. Even though it’s in short supply, you can usually call around to a couple of Apple Stores to find one with a few in stock. Consumer Reports proved they don’t bend … Continue reading

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Do You Want an iPad Mini? I Don’t Know… Maybe.

Yesterday, Apple announced not one, but two new iPads. Lost in the rush to write about the iPad mini was the new iPad (4th generation,) hereto after called the iPad 4. But wait, didn’t they just start making iPad 3’s … Continue reading

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Teabaggers in Iowa Bring the Wacky

2.¬†America is good. Much like in Maine, the teabaggers appear to have taken over the Iowa GOP. Adopted in June, the GOP platform’s¬†387 planks cover everything from the status of manure… 2.08 We support the definition of manure as a … Continue reading

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