This is one of those rare news stories that seems to have a “too soon” setting of zero. The comedy has been flowing since last night.

But first, I have to say for myself: the last time I was this… happy? Satisfied? Relieved? …that someone had died was Reagan. I figure once every seven years is okay.

My own first reaction:

I love, absolutely love, that Bin Laden being killed is preempting the Celebrity Apprentice.


(via Daily What)

John Judy on the compound being next to a Pakistani military academy:

Imagine FDR having to tell Churchill why Hitler was holed up in a bunker next to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.


In a related story, the theme for the 2012 Republican National Convention has been changed to “Sitting Quietly at Home.”


Yo, Great Britain, I’m real happy for you and I’mma let you finish yo wedding, but the United States had the most important news story of the weekend of all time!

Of all time!


(via Daily What)


If Homeopathy is right Burying Bin Laden at sea will turn the world’s oceans into Al Qaeda.

Jennifer Kelley-Lublin:

I overheard as I checked into Caesar’s a lady say “I’m tellin’ you I just got a text from Wendy he’s dead.” Then about 5 drunk girls ran through the lobby singing Star Spangled Banner. Then someone said who it was all about. I suppose this is how news is delivered in Vegas. Strange.

Shawn Carlow:

Now Osama Bin Laden will never get to know who wins Celebrity Apprentice.

Scott Weitz:

I am glad that NBC is showing Trump on The Apprentice here on the west coast feed: it points out the clear and obvious differences between being a reality TV show host and being Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. Compare and contrast, students.


Bush couldn’t kill Bin Laden in 8 years. Obama did it and hosted the WH Correspondents dinner the same weekend.

Jordon Krain:

?… but he didn’t present a Death Certificate…= not real.

Joe Herrera:

Tonight the free world parties with bonfires and Ewoks.

Michael McCarthy:

Osama Bin Laden married the Dutchess of Cambridge! No wait…

Mat Lageman:

Here’s hoping Osama bin Laden discovers that his 72 virgins are 300 pound guys with stringy hair who play a lot of World of Warcraft.


Please oh please let shirtless Obama dramatically hold up Osama’s head and then throw it down some steps like in Conan.


You can say “This is a big fucking deal” right into the microphone this time Joe Biden.


If the Navy SEAL who got to shoot Bin Laden in the head didn’t say “always bet on black” before he fired — missed opportunity.

I don’t have links for everyone mentioned, so I’m going to leave them all out. But if you google any of these fine people, you’ll discover a wealth of non-Bin Laden-realated comedy as well as last night’s stampede.

Being an atheist, I’ll simply close with E PLURIBUS UNUM – out of many, one.