There has been some talk, especially on the right, about how much people on the left are gloating about the election results, that they’re being “sore winners.”

Here are my thoughts on that.

A group of people spent well north of a billion dollars.



In an attempt to upend things as basic as women’s contraception, whether a woman should have to carry a rape baby, whether you can get affordable healthcare when you’re young – or even old, how many unnecessary aircraft carriers we should build, whether millionaires should get bigger tax breaks than the poor, whether or not we see the poor as just lazy moochers, the teaching of science over superstition in schools, and the basic fact that the planet is getting warmer.

A billion dollars they spent on these things, on things that most rational, compassionate people would agree are bad ideas, or bad philosophies. To many on the left – and I am by no means the most “left” person I know – a number of the goals above rise to the level of being “evil.”

I agree.

I’m sure there are plenty of millionaire donors out there who are as dumb as a bag of Cartier rocks, but there are also plenty who knew exactly what they were doing, who if they were honest with themselves knew that it was “wrong,” but who did it anyway due to greed or blind religious dogma or just a poor sense of morals.

They are “bad.”

After donating a few million dollars to these causes, they reach the level of “evil.”

I have no qualms about celebrating their defeat, or gloating over the losses of their ideological minions. Republicans can kiss my affordably-confirmed-healthy ass.