I made this video two whole Olympics ago. Yeah, I know it’s still a month or two until the games (honestly, without checking, I have no idea,) but I just found this ancient video and wanted to preserve my goofy and talented friends for posterity, or until my server crashes.



Bart (to Santa:) Listen here, Kringle, I may have been naughty this year. But by today’s standards, naughty’s nothing. I didn’t get anybody pregnant, I didn’t Facebook a kid to death. Make with my dirt bike!



Now that I’ve remembered to pick up some sugar at the store so I can set up my hummingbird feeder, nothing can stand in the way of my plans for world domination.



It didn’t blink. He was certain of it. How could it have blinked? But now he couldn’t blink. Because if he blinked, he’d miss it blinking again, even though she couldn’t have blinked.

She? No. It.

Did it just…? Could it be following him with its eyes? Or its whole head? Was it moving, ever so subtly, as he moved?

He suddenly realized he’d been holding his breath for what seemed like forever. He gasped for air.

There was a moment of lost concentration.

He blinked.