The fall TV season has been kicking into high gear this week. Here are some old and new shows I watch, and what I thought of them, because I know you’re wondering.

Boardwalk Empire: A great pilot with a great cast. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

How I Met Your Mother: Still very DVR-worthy. Still makes me laugh, and I like the characters.

Shit My Dad Says: I made it to the first commercial break and then deleted it. Horrible, hacky, never gets to the point. Pass.

Mike and Molly: The first act was pretty cool, the second act was a cavalcade of mean jokes and sub-sitcom 101 writing. I am bound by law to watch another episode as a friend of mine is a writer on it (he was not involved with the pilot.)

Chuck: Still a great guilty, mindless pleasure.

Community: Still streets ahead. May displace “The Big Bang Theory” as my favorite sitcom. We’ll see. This is a show you have to sit and watch, because 500 things are going on at once. Also, they win the award for Best Use of Betty White in a Guest Starring Role.

30 Rock: A great season premiere, written by Tina Fey.

The Office: Still funny, but the premiere felt somehow thin. Maybe because I watched it right after “Community” and “30 Rock.”

Outsourced: Awful. Pointless. Pass.

The Big Bang Theory: A great, geeky premiere. Sheldon starting to explore a relationship with a woman. There should be fun times ahead.

And that’s all I’ve got. So how’s about you?