This one takes the cake…


From: Kelly
Subject: pls try to understand!!!!!

Hello dear how you doing today i hope you are doing great im really sorry for getting you into this but i just need this favor from you hope you won,t get mad at me but i believe that a problem shared is a problem solved though i know it,s not the right time for me to ask you for such but only God knows why all this is happening to me at this particular time i tried contacting my uncle in UK but i got the machine and dropped several messages but i was not contacted and my flight is leaving on MONDAY, 8 MAY and i can,t afford to miss the flight Am sorry for getting you involved in all this but i want to build and start a relationship based on trust and honesty and i hope you can be there for me in my times of all of all times,the hotel manager insisted and said it was against there policy to let me leave and not offset the hotel bills,baby i know that money is not the right thing to ask at this time but baby please understand and i would make it all up when i get back to the states.I owe them $330 and deposited some when i got here but baby i have stayed and bills keep piling and i can,t let that happen when mom is here dying in the hospital and this keep happening….I am here online and waiting for you,baby plz can you send me some of this money i will be very grateful and i will never forget it in this life time cause i have been through alot here though i never wanted to tell you but i have no choice and i believe that you can do something at least to get me out of this mess and im just afraid of what might happen here if i don,t offset the bill
hope to hear from you soon
take care
but if you can send it immediately before it gets late you can use this informations
receiver,s name=KELLY CRAWFORD
test question=FAVORITE COLOR
then pls get back to me with the sender,s name and the money transfer control number(MTCN) so i can be able to pick up the money as soon as you send it