From: Tricia
Subject: hi

I will love for you to know more about me,I am a young lady of just thirty years of age,I only just moved out of San diego 3 months ago ,To my fathers house i inherited from him back in San Jose .I work as a free lance reporter so i get to travel alot to get real and good strories to come back home to sell to the,CNN Or the Discovery channels.
Thats how i earn my living and i love to care for people and i always put them first before myself,I am loving and kind hearted and i am searching for a real man that will always be there for me and, the home we build together,And i hope you are that man and i will not contact any persons till i hear from you again.You can Email me directly to, and my yahoo Id,triciaowen2006.
I can,t wait to hearing from you and i am leaving for a trip to london on a report then to africa for a documentary on african culture i plan to sell this to the discovery channel when i get back home can,t wait to hearing from you.
Yours Always,
Tricia Watson

I really hope this isn’t an actual reporter. If so, I weep for the Fourth Estate (even more than I already do.)