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44614021A.jpegFrom: elaminyagin
Subject: hi

Hello …….., i just want to tell you that either Gold or silver I’m promising you, that I have what it takes to make you happy. I promise to handle your love with care, if you give way to your heart believe me my feelings for you is genie and pure, straight from the seat of my passion.

Cheers…..Briefly about me my name is Michell ,im 28yrs, single never married, i live in pine bluff in Arkansas while my i have ausie accent because my parent are from Australia .I live by myself. self employed ..

IAM tailor and fashion designer . iam looking for a friendship and a man who is honest and caring who will not cheat on me due to my ex relationship with my former boyfriend i have to take things slowly so if u re interested in me u have to be calm because there is not rush in relationship. Henceforth in regard to location i can relocate to any one whom i love and have passion for .

Presently iam now in west Africa for the first time with a friend of mine she was involved in an auto accident i will be home in 2 days time as soon as i fix things with the doctor at the hospital where she is . so please bear with me u can reach me here now through my yahoo instant messenger.am on line now……..my screen name is (chelll19770@yahoo.com)also u can as well email me through the same email thanks and i hope to hear from u soon .

I will be looking forward to your prompt reply .