Sometimes I see something referenced all over, but my go-go, fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t afford me the leisure of finding out what it’s all about. Take “Bad Lip Reading.” I’ve seen links to this all over, but only now, on a lazy Saturday morning, have I had time to sit down and watch…

I had no idea.

No words… Should have sent… a poet.

Here are a few examples of BLR (I can call them that now because I’m hip) making sense out of Republican incoherence:

The Police have Agreed to Find My “Stooges” Tape


Took a Virgin Heifer Nightridin’ for a While


I Was Happy and then Your Sister Threw a Sea-Fish at my TV


Before Mighty Facebook, How Would I Have Found Tom Hanks?


Some people ask, “Really, is there any difference between Republicans and Democrats?” Yes there is: rhythm.

Trick the Bridesmaid