So I get home from the BBQ last night and check the automated jury duty number. For the last 4 days, I’ve been on duty, but each night when I called, it said I didn’t have to show up the next day. Today, the last day of my service, I had to show up, of course.

The Superior Court (very full of itself) is downtown, right across from the Disney Hall. The jury room still has some vestiges of a typical, ancient 70’s government building, but now there are slightly more comfortable chairs, a TV in the back, and computers you can rent. I swear, though, that the wood paneling I’m staring at right now is older than me.

Unlike the old days, when you had to come in and sit in this room for up to seven days straight, now there’s a “one-day, one-trial” system, which means that if I’m not chosen for a jury today, I’m done. If I am chosen for a jury today, I’m sure next week will become… complicated.

For the first hour, a woman stood up front and explained to us in excruciating detail which perforations to fold and which parts of our form we were supposed to fill out. Without fail, after she’d give a specific instruction, someone would ask a question that was… well… answered by what she just said: “If you have the pink form, fill out the top including your name and employer’s address.” “If we have a pink form, do we fill in our name?” Seriously.

Then we saw two stirring videos about how the jury system is the greatest, because nowhere else do citizens get to participate in the justice system. That is pretty cool. I suppose we take it for granted.

Anyway, I’ll post some more if I get sent out for jury selection.