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Children of the Bomb

Originally written 8/6/2005, updated 2015… Seventy years ago today, over 80,000 people died in a matter of minutes as an atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima, Japan. Many tens-of-thousands more would die in the months and years after the bomb due to … Continue reading

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Ken’s California (and Los Angeles) Election Picks for June, 2012

Convinced that the people are the only safe depositories of their own liberty, and that they are not safe unless enlightened to a certain degree, I have looked on our present state of liberty as a short-lived possession unless the … Continue reading

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Republicans Can Teabag My Affordably-Confirmed-Healthy Balls

I want to start off by saying that I consider allowing myself to develop type II diabetes to be the biggest failure of my life. To my knowledge, none of my relatives have it, so I have to put the … Continue reading

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Not MySpace

A friend of mine on MySpace (and in the real world) recently wrote a blog (on MySpace, not in the real world) complaining that a message he’d posted had been summarily deleted without warning. The post was about having a … Continue reading

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Ken’s True Stories from Space

Okay, so it’s a little late for the anniverary… Neil Buzz It’s July 20, 1969. 400,000 people worked to bring two men to this point. And now, 33,000 feet above the moon, even with thousands of hours of simulation and … Continue reading

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