You’ve probably seen footage of dolphins circling a school of sardines until they’re compacted into a tight ball, at which point the dolphins start darting in and eating them. I wonder when a dolphin, as it charges in, decides which sardine it’s going to eat. Or does it even decide? Does it just dart it with its mouth open, and bite down when it feels something on its tongue?



Actual line from a letter I wrote to Apple Developer Support today:

I see what you were getting at now. I thought you were missing part of the problem but it was, in fact, my derp.



I worry that, due to the Citizens United ruling, we’re just a couple of years away from Pepsi Presents Kansas and the Great State of Texxon. It could be worse, though. At least I’ll be living in iCalifornia.



Olivia Wilde and Stephen Colbert had an act-off…



I always feel bad when I make just a little too much coffee. Every coffee bean is picked by hand, and I really hate to think that someone climbed up a hillside, filled a heavy sack with beans, and climbed back down – possibly while it was raining, to make the narrative more tragic – only for his or her work to end up being poured down my kitchen sink.