Koyaanisqatsi: “a state of life that calls for another way of living…”



The next-gen rover Curiosity is almost to Mars. Along with a slew of new engineering and technology, JPL has decided to upgrade their production values (and editor!) to put together a video showing just how hard it is to land a one-ton rover on Mars…



I’m older than the internet.



The most expensive meal I’ve ever had was a “business” lunch in Tokyo, Japan. We three Apple employees were in the country on the company’s dime, helping Sharp engineers learn how to program the Newton.

It was a nice Teppanyaki place (you know, like Benihana’s.) We had plenty of Kobe steak, and while my friends had several giant beers, I drank a bottle of French wine.

At the end, the check came, and the project manager put it on her company card. The total: $732 for three people.

We were all pretty drunk, and I was hitting on the project manager (I was much thinner back then.) But outside the restaurant, she said, and I quote, “I don’t shit where I eat.”

Still a good lunch.



Are white people allowed to say dinnertimin’?

Was there an internal memo asking if McDonald’s could add some sort of watermelon-based product to the menu, just to complete the scene?

What was the copywriter’s strategy regarding n’ instead of ng? It seems inconsistent.

Some things are universal, though. My main reason for going to McDonald’s is that I don’t have to tip anyone.